The  Client  

Chiva Som is an international health retreat on the shores of Hua Hin, Thailand now known for being one of the world’s best spa destinations. An extensive list of complex and varied treatments is accompanied by finely tuned wellness programs along with a plethora of classes. Ocean view rooms, an expert team of international therapists and delectable food are only some of the highlights.


In its early stages, Chiva Som was accustomed to a predominantly European clientele and lacked the essential resources and contacts in the Americas market to expand. Due to our extensive marketing and PR experience within this region, Prohotel was commissioned to boost the property’s reputation. The challenge was to create demand for a far-flung retreat that would tick all the boxes for a discerning market, which was hesitant and already accustomed to high-end destination spas in closer proximity.


Prohotel planned a 3-year strategy to market and position Chiva Som in the Americas as a truly unique spa destination (unlike any in the US) that would incorporate Thai culture and traditions amidst an exotic backdrop. We used a solid mix of PR, sales and marketing techniques including television exposure, networking with elite travel agencies and forming strategic partnerships and sponsorships.


As a result of this long-term and complex strategy, Chiva Som directly experienced a significant 20% increase in the Americas market. In addition, its reputation for outstanding healthy food also led to a collaboration with British Airways where Chiva Som’s renowned cuisine was offered on board the airline’s first class cabins on selected flights.