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Sublime Samana

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Nestled between the palm-shore and the gentle beach of Playa Cosón, Sublime Samana reminds us of what it means to be in paradise. With a new all-local spa, Coconut Whispers, Sublime uses the atmosphere to provide a unique experience. Coconut Whispers is a new take on what it means to be in the Samaná Peninsula, a new take on Spa identity. The coconut is the most abundant ingredient in the region making it a representation of what it means to be sequestered in this palm-filled sanctuary. Sublime Samana doesn’t want to only give a taste of paradise but wants to transcend it and deliver a spiritual experience.

Using ancient and modern techniques gathered over the years, Sublime merges two worlds into Coconut Whispers. As soon as a guest enters the soothing indoor retreat filled with orchids and rustic décor, he/she becomes a part of the experience. Enclosed in wood and nature, guests are transported to a place where no rain or harsh sun can find them both literally and figuratively.

“We wanted to create a spa that helped not just the body but the spirit as well. Our techniques are meant to make best of both worlds, using the body and spirit as natural equalizers of each other. Stress isn’t just the body but the mental and spiritual anguish as well. With Coconut Whispers, we hope to utilize our natural environment to conduct therapies that are soothing soul deep.” -Azucena Montes, Spa Director

The signature treatment, Coconut Whispers, awakens all five senses, interweaving aromas, tastes and textures to renew the self and spirit. The coconut is said to symbolize resilience, fortitude and finding inner peace. In addition, many of the ingredients used in the treatment derive from the coconut to give the guest a full treatment from head to toe. A coconut salt and herb mix are used to exfoliate the skin, while coconut water is used to soothe the skin, and incense is burned in the background to ease the spirit. Seawater is brought from the ocean to rinse the guest as they are scrubbed with flowers and herbs that grow in the area. This treatment is meant to unite the body with nature and rebalance it with the energies of the region. Finally, a coconut oil massage will bring the treatment full circle by distressing the knots within the body.

Realign your energies

Using the ancient techniques of Mesoamericans, coconut is used as the main ingredient to realign the chakras, energy points, within the body. A massage from the base of the spine to the crown helps cleanse the weary energy accumulated from a busy lifestyle. Even the cabins were designed to bring forth the strongest energies from the Caribbean and to stimulate a sense of peace.

Seek new adventures

A traditional treatment used across Latin America is the Temazcal, which incubates the guests as a mother does her child in the womb. The vapor shower is meant to open the pores and release all toxins from the body, symbolizing the purification of the soul. Excreting all the negative energies to relax the body also helps with muscle and joint tension. At the end, the guest is bathed in seawater to placate the soul and cleanse any lasting detriment. The Temazcal is a lasting tradition in Latin America that rejuvenates the body’s energies and purges the negative energies that accumulate.

From full treatments to vapor filled showers, Coconut Whispers has a treatment for everyone who wishes to seek a true Samaná experience. Our guests are given a chilled coconut water served straight from the coconut itself to replenish the soul and rejuvenate the mind at the end of every treatment as a reminder that our treatments aren’t only skin deep.

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