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Culture, Food and Shopping

In Las Terrenas

The perfect vacation at Sublime Samana cannot be completed without a trip to Las Terrenas. The small town sits 15 minutes outside of the greenery walls and turquoise colored beaches of the exclusive paradise of Sublime Samana. But thanks to our recently added shuttle service, now you can visit the town by taking advantage of either our morning or afternoon scheduled trips to the town. Within seconds of stepping out of the shuttle, you’ll notice the eccentric European influences of Las Terrenas, a village home to just about 7,000 people. Here’s a just a few things to do while in the town.

Boulangerie Française
Just once, consider holding off for breakfast until you arrive at Las Terrenas. Take the morning shuttle and enjoy a warm café-au-lait with a warm croissant on the side. Upon entering the small bakery, you’ll be greeted by a glass vitrine filled with numerous pastry selections ranging from muffins to cinnamon rolls to macarons. To keep things classy, the employees dress in formal attire, bow and vest included, transporting you from a Caribbean environment to a stylish boulangerie in France.

Facebook: Boulangerie Francaise | Good for: Breakfast, Sweets | Recommended For: Everyone


Mi Corazon
The restaurant’s name is befitting of their location as it sits right in the heart of Las Terrenas. Its walls hold the secrets to a great menu prepared by the German-born chef, Florian Strahlheim, and the two Swiss-born owners, Daniel-André Müller and Werner Kipfer. Each dish is inspired with the Caribbean environment in mind, but flavored with authentic European and Mediterranean influenced spices. The restaurant’s second floor is reserved for romantic dinners and the third floor is accompanied with an open bar and music.

Website: |Good For: Lunch, Dinner, Drinks | Recommended For: Everyone



Good Food Las Terrenas
Good Food Las Terrenas is shared by Pau, Caro, Celina and Anette, who make up the quartet owners of the restaurant. Their experience in the food industry meticulously comes together as one in this small coffee shop found in Plaza Colonial. It is the only place offering vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Website: | Facebook: GoodFood | Good for: Breakfast, Lunch, Snacks

Recommended For: Everyone



El Lugar
Literally translated to “The Place”, this restaurant is perfect for dinner or the late-night munchies. It is an excellent venue for couples looking for another flavorful restaurant to cross off from their “Latin Cuisine” bucket list.

Facebook: El Lugar | Good For: Dinner, Late-night cravings, Drinks |Recommended For: Everyone


El Mosquito Art Bar
Dance your way in to this fairly new establishment in Las Terrenas. Drinks, live music, art expositions and good vibes surround this bar. Whether you sit to inside or outside, you will enjoy your time here.

Facebook: El Mosquito Bar | Contact: (809) 877-2844


Did we mention Las Terrenas is a haven for retired Frenchman? On evenings, you can often find the men on the Place de Lices intensely concentrated on a game of petanque, a game whose object is to reach 13 points by rolling or throwing a metal orange-sized ball as close as possible to a target ball. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can casually request to join the next game.


Mundo Puro
Rum and cigars are a national pride of the Dominican Republic. Step inside Mundo Puro and you’ll be able to sample 14 different kinds of rum as well as witness the process of cigar crafting. But that’s not all that meets the eye; within the same place, you’ll find a small art gallery showcasing the works of Dominican artists as well as the works of French and Spanish artists.

Open: Monday – Saturday, 9am-8pm| Sunday, 9am-1:30pm
Contact: Marco (809) 223-7852 / | Carolina (849) 864-1907

Nativ’ Arte
The vibrant colors of the Dominican Republic are embedded in the clothing, bracelets, handbags and paintings in the shop. Take your time to look around and enjoy the curiosities this place offers. If you find something that speaks to you, take it home as a symbol of remembrance.

Facebook: Nativ’ Arte


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