Luxury travel in the old world

Luxury travel in the old world

 Spain, France and the United Kindgom

Travel to the center of the cities in Spain, France and United Kingdom, and relish in the attractions of the old world while staying in a comfortable and luxurious boutique hotel. Each establishment is strategically nestled within a few feet from internationally renowned attractions such as shopping galleries, art museums and parks. Here, we break down the places you cannot miss on your trip.

The Bagués – Barcelona
Situated in the heart of the busiest street of Barcelona, the Bagués Hotel gives its guests a VIP-style entrance to the sight, smell and sounds of Las Ramblas – a lively pedestrian-only boulevard separating the Gothic Quarter from El Raval.  Lined with live performances, local artists, unique dining establishments and eccentric shopping venues, Las Ramblas is sure to give you a cultural awakening.

La Boqueria Market: this market is everything you ever dreamed of in a supermarket and more. Its open-air environment hosts numerous food stands selling poultry to seafood to fruit cups. Not to mention you’ll notice every vendor arranges their products in artistically beautiful ways to capture the attention of potential customers.



 Museum of Optical Illusions: you’ll need your imagination for this place. The museum is covered in 3-D paintings capturing marvelous environments where you are the main attraction. To better enjoy the attraction, we recommend adding a few props. Then, simply blend in to your surroundings and snap a photo. The greater your imagination, the more fun this will be.

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 Gothic Quarter: a few feet away from the prominent street of Las Ramblas is the Gothic Quarter characterized by tall buildings and the maze of tiny streets. If you didn’t know, this used to be Picasso’s living quarters and the place that gave birth to Joan Miró.

Hotel Urban – Madrid

This five-star luxury hotel is strategically situated in the heart of Madrid where politics, culture and art meet to complement one another. Within its doors, the hotel’s crystal bar is a staple of the modern and glamorous look of the place. Outside of its doors, the glamour continues with a walk through the iconic corners of the “Golden Triangle” that encompasses the many attractions that serve as symbols for the revered city of art that Madrid is.

Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum: step outside of the hotel in comfortable shoes and follow Carrera de San Jeronimo towards the Neptune Fountain. You’ll walk past the Miguel de Cervantes statue and right across from it you’ll find the museum. It has over 1,000 pieces of art ranging from pop art to impressionism to the largest collection of western art.

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The Prado Museum: Cross the street and past the Neptune Fountain you’ll find yourself within the perimeters of the Prado Museum. Opened in 1819, this museum has become the home of several masterpieces in history including “The Family of Philip IV,” among others.

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 Real Jardín Botánico: Take a walk through the Real Jardin Botanico to enhance your experience as an art connoisseur. The walk will take you through the botanical gardens of Madrid and introduce you to new flowers. The colorful and blossoming buds of the floras will transport you to a blooming wonderland where different hues of the primary colors decorate your sight.

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Banke Hotel – Paris
The city of style and design with a touch of class, that is Paris. Add the Banke Hotel to the location and you receive the luxury and attention you seek. From museums to shopping to a date night at the opera house, Paris will complement your high-end taste.

Musée Grévin: it’s all about the wax in this privately-owned wax museum founded by journalist Arthur Meyer, brought to life by Alfred Grévin, an artist, and financed by the distinguished investor, Gabriel Thomas. The numerous wax figures embody all your favorite stars and renowned international figures from around the world. Among the figures, you’ll find Pope Francis, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lady Gaga and more.

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 Galeries Lafayette Haussman: less than a 5-minute walk away from the hotel is Paris’ iconic shopping center in all its greatness. Prepare yourself to be left breathless, not by the numerous shops, but with the outstanding architectural design that gives this gallery a royalty sensation. Be part of the 100,000 visitors per day that pass through the walls of this magnificent building housing more than 3,800 brands, contemporary art and an infinite amount of food options.

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 Palais Garnier: embrace the romance in the beautiful city of Paris with a classical date to the opera house. The massive structure of the house is almost palace-like with its numerous chandeliers and cherubs adorning the place. Upon entering the beautiful building, you’ll be greeted with a double staircase. Don’t forget to tilt your head towards the ceiling where an array of paintings awaits.

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The Caesar – London
Blend into the local atmosphere of the streets of London by staying in one of the many guest rooms available at this boutique hotel. The unique residential appearance of this place will have you feeling both relaxed and exalted. The hotel’s location is perfect due to its proximity to Hyde Park, one of the eight Royal Parks of London.

 Renowned Landmarks: Hyde Park is comprised of several memorials, fountains and statues bringing tribute to the history and culture of London. For instance, the Diana Memorial Foundation celebrates the life of the late Princess Diana by using the flow of water in the fountain as a reflection of her life and the qualities she left behind. Another popular landmark is the Pan Statue, which shows an energetic family and their pet running towards the park. Peter Pan is closely behind them playing pipes. A third attraction is the Statue of Achilles, the Greek hero of the Trojan War. The statue was installed and unveiled in 1822 under the orders of King George the III.


 Speakers’ Corner: Between 1196 and 1783, more than 50,000 people were granted a last speech before they were executed, hence the name. Some confessed to unimaginable things while others pleaded innocent. The execution itself was a social event that gathered people from all around, however, the events had to stop as it created a lot of turmoil. Over the years, the area turned into a safe zone for debates and orators to present their arguments and thoughts to the public. Today, people continue to take the center stage and wait for their spectators to show up.


The Rose Garden: The past and present share a common attraction for their love of gardens and the feelings they bring out in people. Inspired by the concept of horns, the design of the Rose Garden closely resembles the mouth of a trumpet with roses and other flowers symbolizing the musical notes delivered by the instrument. Stroll hand-in-hand with your beau by your side or simply take a serene walk through the colorful paths lined with beautiful roses. Breathe in the romantic aromas released by the flowers.

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