Art, History and Culture in Santo Domingo

Art, History and Culture in Santo Domingo

The majestic surrounding areas of the 16th Century homes of Casas del XVI is full of art, history and cultural adventures waiting for you to experience it.  From half-day to full-day tours through the birthplace of the Dominican Republic’s prestigious rum, Ron Barcelo, to the fields rich with cocoa plants and old sugar plantations to self-guided tours through the streets of the Colonial City, Santo Domingo holds a surprise in each of its corners. We welcome you to visit any of the following places for an unforgettable taste of Caribbean culture and history.

Art Galleries

Arte Berri

Photo Credit: Arte Berri

The gallery opened its doors in 2005 with the goal to promote the works of both internationally recognized artists, such as Rafael Barrios and Cesar Menéndez, as well as local upcoming artists such as Indhira Hernandez and Mirna Ledesma. The gallery also serves as an exhibition space for conferences, art talks, auctions and other activities. To date, the gallery remains true to its word to enhance the local cultural community of Santo Domingo.

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Casa Quién

Photo Credit: Casa Quien

Casa Quien was founded by Amy Hussein in 2014 and is located inside of a remodeled 16th century home in the Colonial City area. The venue serves as a stage dedicated to the promotion of contemporary productions. Casa Quien has produced projects beyond its physical location, such as virtual exhibits, under the belief that ideas are born and exchanged in new environments to open new horizons and possibilities.

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Galería Bolós

Photo Credit: Casas del XVI

The spare highlights the work from local artists who use various materials, including recycled objects, to create their masterpieces. Some of the homes from the collection of Casas del XVI are decorated with the creations obtained from this gallery.

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Museo de las Casas Reales

Photo Credit: Museo de las Casas Reales

This museum was once the center of Spanish authority for the Caribbean region. The 16th century building housed the governor’s office and the royal court. Among the many Spanish artifacts, you’ll also find collections of Taino indian objects as well as displays the history of Santo Domingo.

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Museo Fernando Peña Defilló

Photo Credit: Museo Fernando Peña Defilló

Museum was recently opened to share the private family collection of one of the great masters of Dominican painting. The works of Fernando Pena Defillo include his continuous themes of the visible vs. the invisble and life vs. death.

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Quinta Dominica

Photo Credit: Quinta Dominica

After 10 years of archeological work and being restored, Quinta Dominica opened its doors to the public in 2004. The museum is now dedicated to history, culture and the arts. It was previously part of the Dominicos Convent, but later became the first university in the newly discovered Caribbean grounds. Quinta Dominica not only takes pride in the history behind its doors, but also in the beautiful gardens outside of its walls.

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Ron Barceló Sugar & Rum Experience

Photo Credit: Ron Barcelo

Very few products can halt the name of the Dominican Republic in high regards and one of those products is Ron Barcelo. Guests will take a history lesson about the humble beginnings of Ron Barcelo. Throughout their tour, guests will be able to see the first vehicle used for the transportation of the first rum to the different bottle designs of Ron Barcelo. The tour will end with a delightful rum tasting course.

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Chocolate and Clay Experience:

Photo Credit: Prohotel International Inc.

Venture into a half-a-day tour beginning with a stroll through the old sugar plantations of the Dominican Republic. Then, carry on with a walk through the fields full of cocoa plants. See how the process of cocoa gathering is done on an everyday basis from selecting a ripe cocoa to taking it down to sending it off for processing. You’ll also be able to visit the red land where you’ll be able to make your own pottery creation.

Phone: Contact the hotel’s reservation desk.

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